Why we love Pic n Mix

lovedPic n Mix is loved by all ages, whether you are an excited child or a big kid reliving your childhood memories.

We all remember the days past, when the choice of sweets seemed endless, digging into a tub of brightly coloured delicious sweets with a gilded scoop and tipping into a paper sweetie bag, whilst our piers would say “not too much” or “that’s enough”… The temptation for more was always there.

valueSweets or Candy are a universal treat craved all over the world to satisfy our sweet tooth. Known as a traditional treat when visiting the cinema, a perfect reward during shopping trips or even self indulgence at home, after school or college or even as a ‘sugar rush’ in the office.

great-returnsIn some Scandinavian countries they have “Lördagsgodis”- meaning Saturday candy in Swedish. For many Scandinavian people (Swedish, Danish, Finnish or Norwegian) “Lördagsgodis” is a beloved tradition. Essentially, the idea is that Scandinavian children are allowed to visit the local store every Saturday to buy a bag of “pick and mix” loose candy. It is the one-day of the week and presumably a highlight of the week, when children are allowed to buy sweets. But it is not only children that look forward to Saturday candy all week, adults often curb sweet cravings during the week in order to more responsibly indulge on sugar. In fact, when participating in the “Lördagsgodis” tradition, the average Swedish family of four eats about 1.2 kilos (2.65 lbs.) of candy!

funWhy is Pic n Mix so special? And creates an experience like no other?

  • Having a personal choice of different flavours and textures
  • A sweet treat that can be shared or equally enjoyed alone.
  • Pic n Mix is Fun!

Features of our Automated Vending Machines

Value For Money
Unique Experience
Theft Control
Social Responsible
Peace Of Mind
Interactive Display
Hygienic Operation
Hygienic Operation

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