McArthur Glen East Midlands install a huge success!

Haribo At McArthur Glen East Midlands

McArthur Glen Designer Outlet in The East Midlands has taken delivery of its First Digital sweet vending Machine

HARIBO branded and fitted with the latest cashless system, the machine has been huge success with customers and staff .

Purchaser of the machine Christian from Red Dog Leisure who secured the site is so delighted and the response with vends achieved so far . Christian who now has his first Digital Sweet Vending Machine said ” The product is fantastic and to see it on site here it really does look very impressive and this is the first of many machines I will be operating in the future “

Blue Monkey Vending has 2 Machines in the same outlet in Bridgend and have been on site for nearly 3 years with the popularity of the machine as good if not better now from when it was originally installed.  Showing clearly this Machine does have a long life on site and the machine appearance looks as good today as it did 3 years ago as the up keep programme of cleanliness and 5 star food hygiene rating prove .


Christian from Red Dog Leisure so pleased with his first purchase and install .


HAribo Blue Monkey Vending

Features of our Automated Vending Machines

Value For Money
Unique Experience
Theft Control
Social Responsible
Peace Of Mind
Interactive Display
Hygienic Operation
Hygienic Operation

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