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All over the world candy is recognised as the as the universal treat to satisfy a sweet tooth.

Whether an adult reliving childhood memories or a child in search of sugary goodness, sweets have long been the traditional post-work/school, cinema and shopping trip treats for people of all ages.

In many Scandinavian countries, ‘Lördagsgodis’ is the most anticipated day of the week. Standing for ‘Saturday’s Candy’, Lördagsgodis is the day of the week in which children and adults can take to the candy stores in search of Pic n Mix! For many families, they purposely reduce how many sweets they consume throughout the week so that they can responsibly indulge on sugar on a Saturday. When participating in the Lördagsgodis tradition, the average Swedish family of four eats around 1.2 kilos (2.65 lbs.) of candy!

We all know that Pic n Mix has long been at the forefront of our love of sweets. Many of us remember diving gilded scoopers deep into tubs of brightly coloured deliciousness before tipping rainbows of colourful sweets into paper sweetie bags. The magic, the colour, the smell…all your own choice.

At Blue Monkey, we are dedicated to keeping the love of candy alive. With the use of latest technology, interactive facilities and creative distribution, we believe in transforming the old ways of candy dispensing and offering a more modern alternative.

Constructed upon our brand values of hygiene and social responsibility to our customers, our vending machines take the traditional aspects of Pic n Mix and bring them into the future. Our latest product offers a report management function for stock level and best sellers, interactive display and peace of mind for parents!

We operate worldwide with an expert team providing support 24/7. Our products are all designed in-house enabling us to offer a bespoke design service for every Pic n Mix vending machine and we have products available to cater to for all dietary requirements.

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Hygienic Operation

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