Blue Monkey Vending’s Invention – Published Patent Application

Our Invention – Blue Monkey Vending Machines

We’re thrilled to reveal that we have received a letter from the International Bureau of the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO). This notes that our International (PCT) Patent Application No. PCT/GB2015/054142 was published on 14th July 2016!

Our inventions mark the beginning of a new generation of Pic n Mix sweet vending via a redesigned machine incorporating innovative dispense mechanisms, software upgrades and telemetric monitoring.

What sparked our invention?

Pick and mix sweets are a very popular snack, where customers self-serve sweets from a range provided in sweet bins. Tongs & scoops are provided to serve the sweets, though there’s no guarantee that these will be used. Instead, customers may handle the sweets using their hands, resulting in food hygiene issues. Also, if left unattended, small children may not realise that sweets have to be paid for and help themselves. In addition, it can be difficult to judge how much a bag of sweets weigh. This can result in a selection that is more expensive than the customer would like. There is also no portion control which is of concern with the increasing rise of childhood obesity.

We redesigned the key aspects of the original prototype machine. We originally constructed our vending machines in 2013 to mitigate a number of inconsistencies – notably the cup and sweet dispense mechanisms which are now subject of our patent.

Now, distributors can look forward to hygienically delivered sweets, no mess, no theft, and a responsible, consistent performance, time after time!


Did you know? UK Orders Only

Stockists of one of our machines you are able to order all candy refills through Blue Monkey Vending. We have carefully selected Candy King favourites that people of all ages will love! Click here to view the full range of Pic n Mix. Our quick service will ensure that your vending machines are fully stocked and operating to full potential.

Find out more about The Standard Machine and The Mini Machine.

Features of our Automated Vending Machines

Value For Money
Unique Experience
Theft Control
Social Responsible
Peace Of Mind
Interactive Display
Hygienic Operation
Hygienic Operation

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